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Technical calibration.Evaluation.and Inspection

Quality Control Unit,

Takta Co. having scientific and expert ability of its managers and employees ,possesses  quality control unit conforming to national and international standards which takes action according to instructions and practical  procedures in accordance with ISO9001:2008 and ISO/IEC 17025 in order to control the quality of products of the company. The quality of products of Takta   has succeeded to gain customers, trust . The quality control unit in its laboratory, which has been registered according to Iranian qualification confirmation regime and has the international certification 17025,continusely monitors the quality of products, and in coordination with quality policy of Takta  defined  by managing  director, is determined to promote the quality of the products at any time compared to previous periods,  and takes advantage of quality management standards to increase its capability.

Activity procedure of quality control unit,

Planning and composition:

Composition of control plan and internal standards and acceptance criteria based on national and international standards of ITU  and IEC and ISO , and the needs of customers, organizational rules and needs for controlling specifications of materials, production process, products ,and responsible for upgrading and updating of standards and documentations of the unit.

Testing materials and issuing confirmation

Materials ,which  enter warehouse  for checking conformity with acceptance criteria  and standards, are sampled according to defined AQL tables and the necessary initial tests are done on them (provisional acceptance),and  in case of quality conformity and operation accordance, they  are authorized to enter to warehouse (warehouse receipt )

Inspection and test  during production process:

 In this part, control and supervision of production process from beginning until final phases, are performed, and according  to composed control plan, supervision and inspection during production are carried out, in all production sections.

Inspection and final control of products :

In this part ,by sampling from manufactured products and performing various tests on them  in laboratory ,product quality is evaluated ,and  at the end of production ,after  confirmation of quality control ,permission for exit  of product is issued.

Assuring the quality of manufactured products from entry of materials to the company until exit of final product is responsibility of quality control unit.Analysis of data .The registered data, in different phases of control and inspection of a product , is analyzed statistically and the results are used for promoting the quality and optimizing the producing method of that product.

Detailed duties of quality control unit.

Assuring carrying out the preventive and corrective actions if there is lack of conformity , and follow up until resolution  of contradictions and carrying out the necessary  actions for preventing the similar possible contradictions in future.

Assuring carrying out the activities according to instructions and executive methods foreseen in quality control unit.

Providing instructions, regulations  and  qualitative rules for all the technical specifications of present products and  supervising them.

Controlling  technical specifications and boundaries of tolerances according to  archived technical documents of products.

Collaboration  in improving the quality of products in the process of production and presenting  needed services for testing new products.

Collaboration with engineering affairs unit and production planning unit in  defining production processes.

Providing and composing procedures and  instructions for inspection

Preparing test reports for prototypes

Evaluation of purchase resources (suppliers) and confirming or  unconfirming  them

Supervising and controlling the performance and sufficiency of training programs.

Related to the quality of training unit.

Determining and defining inspection stations and stages of production line

Study and evaluation of condition, features and operation quality of subcontractors

Calibrating all the measurement devices needed for tests

Registering all the information related to their calibration.

Sending all the reference measurement devices and instruments which can not be calibrated  in the company to reputable calibrating laboratories when it is the time for calibration

Receiving and archiving all the documents related to calibration of the measuring equipment and devices from calibrating laboratories out of the factory

Discussion with procurement department about qualitative and operative characteristic of components before the final purchase  from market

Supervising  the half of production line, by quality control inspector because of nonconforming products, unit definitive removal of factors creating nonconforming product.

Transferring qualitative defects timely to in charge of production and assembly and managing director.

Transferring sever defects quickly to managing director.

 Estimating inspection hardware devices and tests (related to laboratory)

Confirming  specifications of devices and equipment  of  production line and collaboration with technical units on selection of manufacturing equipment.

Identifying and registering all the contradictions and problems regarding product, process and quality regime.

Taking the necessary actions to receive and gather customers, views about defects of products from sale division

Contribution to estimation of training needs

Tracking nonconforming products when required or complaint from customer.

Supervising presentation of laboratory services to production line and assembly

Coordination with related sections and industrial accounting unit in order that defects committee is held continually  to  determine the course of defective materials and nonconforming products.

Audit of final products before shipment to customer  .

Presentation of reports regarding  the reasons  for defects to relative sections.

Holding joint meetings with engineering affairs section and production section  in order to study  quantitative and quantitative  problems.

Receiving  the information regarding the articles entered  from  procurement department and informing  inspectors for controlling and testing of materials and semi-made articles  entered to  company.

Receiving  the  information regarding  the  parts during  production  and final  product, and preparing  reports about the numbers of defects.

Receiving qualitative information  regarding the final product concerning  received reports from after – sales serv ices section.

Keeping  all the documents and records in relation to quality control.

Presenting  the necessary  reports to managing director.

Participating in the meetings regarding continues improvement of production and raising the production performance, and collaboration regarding obtaining certificates.

Carrying  out the other affairs devolved by managing director.

The list of test equipment of quality control division is as follow

  • R&S LCR  Meter

Operational program of quality control division in 2015:

Establishment of standard laboratories for testing materials and manufactured products in the fields  other than DVBT  for obtaining revenue.

Developing activity area of control section to test and quality control of knowledge based products.

Developing collaboration  with technical R&D unit for achieving production of its designs regarding the extensive facilities in Takta.

Planning and composing executive policies for mechanizing production line completely for higher capacity of production

Reducing production expenses with training approach of zero defects.

Composing obligatory national standards for DVBT/T2 transmitters in collaboration  with institute of standards and industrials  research of Iran.

Activity for obtaining representation of international companies active in the area of relative tests of calibration.



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