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Information Technology Services

Implementation  and  exploitation of maximum capacity of data centers:

In recent years and after  obliging all organizations  in transfer of data  on internet  into the country and  web hosting  in  data centers and because of  absence of  adequate infrastructures,  most of the organs incurred serious problems in this area. Therefore  this department  is ready proposing  modern techniques along with justifiable plan ,takes actions to modify or   create secure, fast and economical   data centers based on cloud computing  in different organizations and agencies.

Implementation and proposing  techniques for modifying  telecommunication infrastructures solutions:

Including of  implementation solutions  for internet service providers, international and  local  phone services(Remotely), creating intra-city  networks (Metro ethernet) and  with  high- speed broadband communication.

Proposing   solutions for  information and communications security:

*Implementation   of  security operations center (SOC)

*Proposing the  security solutions for improving information exchange security.

*Proposing solution for security of networks and computer contents.

*Implementation and launch of firewalls and IPS and IDS

Proposing interactive Tv solutions (HBBTV)  and new services (OTT)

Regarding age of  IPTV  technology and  passing the technology over this service, it seems it is essential  in proposing solutions  of new  requirements of media technology and  also Iranian infrastructure condition are considered.Therefore in new solutions whose  customers could be ministries, Hotels, business Centers,  new techniques will be presented.

Development of communication, information and training system

Regarding the growth of web space, this requirement is essential in organizations and institutions that with offering information system to users and customers , presence and  offering  various  services and attracting customer  and finally  achieving more profit in this space be possible .Systems that are implemented by this department  are:

*Communication and  information portals  required by all companies and organs.

*Information systems, shares management and  stocks exchange

*Launch of web stores that are growing in the country increasingly

*Smartization of training centers , schools and universities

*Smartization of   health centers  and hospitals and  launch of EMR (Electronic Medical Record) و EHR(Electronic Health Record) systems

*Proposing   ,developing and implementing  of middleware and IPTV/OTT  systems

*Proposing   the  solutions for Billing/Boss system

*Proposing solution  for  quality monitoring of access to interactive TV serviece

*Proposing  secondary  systems such as  reporting  users manner and  information statistics.

*Middleware development and adding secondary systems to present middleware

*Development and  proposing OTT  services  on different devices (STB ، IOS، Android، Web، Smart TV)

*Development programs and  applied gadgets of smart devices (STB ، IOS، Android، Web،SMART TV


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