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Content Development&Production Services

Taka’s  management of production technology development.

By changing and development of media position in digital media world, for service upgrade and offering services to users, It is essential that  radio  and Tv organizations update technical platforms  and production methods . and  in addition  to use of previous platforms be able to  compete and benefit from all of the available  platforms .  Using the latest production technology in addition to increasing the quality of media services will  reduce the cost price. and  thus  the media  economy  will evolve.speed  of changes  and appearance of new technologies made  Takta determined  to make innovation and activeness the heading of  its activities, to be able to compete in production technology with  local and international competitors. Takta decides to create appropriate platform  to profit from  new technologies and advanced equipment in media industry.It is for exploitation of  radio and TV production ,hardware and software systems, animation equipment and production systems based on audio and video automation. and support of content production methods in a way that fulfill  different requirements of media organizations in all forms of platforms.

Goal and mission

*Making revenue in all fields of  production and content distribution

*Creation and development of new fields  on content production in different platforms.

*IRIB benefit  and  other media organizations (audio,video,text,multimedia) from new production technologies.

Working fields:

*Study and needs assessment in all technical and production fields.

*Design, supply and exploitation of equipment and advanced production.

*Cooperation in training  and development  of human resource, especially in the technical productive  area

*Technical and production cooperation with foreign radio and TV organizations specially neighbors

*Design , exploitation and development of TV and radio products( specially in technology- driven fields such as animation)

*Partnership and cooperation in  radio and TV cinematic  products

*Manufacturing  , equipping  and developing of production  , radio, tv and music studios

*Design and establishment of  radio and TV  production and broadcasting integrated systems

*Design and equipping super studio

*Presenting media integrated services

*Development and  production on different radio, TV& mobile platforms.



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