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Research & Development

 In order to widening the scope of the work of Takta, the required infrastructures of new field of activities to support the self-sufficiency in producing electronics components and subsystems have been prepared.  This activities expansion expedited through collaborating to knowledge-based companies, universities and technology owners. Some of the most important of these fields are as bellow:
Image processing:
This field includes various projects and products based on image processing techniques, TV monitoring, extracting statistics data from image, determining residual or lost baggage, calculating the velocity of objects in image like speed of ball in game match or speed of car in street, blurring a certain part of picture, substitution  and so on. All of these solutions are ready to operation.
Sound processing:
Regarding the wide applications of the sound processing, a large number of projects is in progress, for instance searchable audio data bases, sound synthesizer based on defined parameters, equalizing processors for sound speakers, sonic channel sounding and so on.
Sound and Light Equipments:
This field professionally produces intelligent and programmable projectors for outdoor and indoor. In addition various professional loudspeakers in single or array configuration to deliver the best fidelity in spectra and least distortion in accompany to building interior design is fully prepared and customized.
Archive and Studio Equipments:
By cumulating the successful experiences in the field of archive and studio, Takta develops and innovates a range of products. Among them, it could be mentioned to mechanical equipments, cranes and pedestals, audio and video automation and so on.
Electronic and Robotic Equipments:
This field supports diverse technical projects and also executes electronic for projects of energy, measurement, control and instruments.
Signal Processing:
The signal processing is recently developed in Takta to fulfill the requirements in industrial support. It contains the processing of measurement devices, industrial and medical transducers and sensors for all of required applications.

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