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A bout Antenna Center


This center is the oldest active center for  testing antenna parameters and other electromagnetic radiators and microwave circuits and related issues. It was founded in 1970 decade by scientific Atlanta Co. and was exploited at that time ,Its measurement equipment can perform various measurements such as phase ,radiation pattern, impedance ,and noise figure of every antenna in high frequencie by the method of far field ,what makes it distinguished and unique in middle east.

Capabilities and capacities:

  • Having skillful and renowned specialists and having contact with foreign experts.

  • Having special radio equipment for tests and evaluation

  • Having more than 4000 sq.m roofed space.

  • Having equipped Machine tools and mechanical workshop

  • Having special welding workshop (argon and aluminum)

  • Having plating workshop

  • Performing indoor measurements for :

  • Scattering parameters for one and two port circuits

  • Radio diffraction

  • Time domain measurements

  • High power effects

  • Electromagnetic waves absorbers

  • Noise figures

  • Cables specifications

  • Field intensity measurements

  • Propagation model and its specifications network design

  • Measurement and monitoring of EMF dosimetry

  • Measurement of permissible radiation in telecommunication and broadcasting stations and passages

  • Quality control and test of specification of delivered antennas to IRIB or imported antennas

 Mollasadra Ave.,Chamran Highway,Tehran,IRAN  P.o.Box: 1155-5785 Tell: +98 21 88055595  Fax : +98 21 88039763