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Company Introduction


TAKTA , the Electronic Research and Production company , Iranian broadcasting organization. Takta was launched in 1977 in order to design and manufacture devices and accessories of FM and TV transmitters. The exploitation from Takta was begun after revolution . In the recent years along with the progress and development of new technologies in the world, Takta has advanced according to the world progress regarding Radio and Television industry.

 Following the increase in the demands of local market for technical needs in mass media and Broadcasting, and regarding the aim of self-sufficiency and independence, Takta has increased its activity with concluding contracts with Iranian Telecommunication Co. and other organizations and institutions.

 Today having the professional technical and official facilities, and collaboration with other organizations and companies, while able to respond to the current needs of the country, Takta intends to plan for quality and quantity growth in technology and complete the past researches concerning Digital systems and up-to-date Equipment for electronic and communication Sections in the country and also rendering services in Media and Broadcast engineering to other interested countries.

 Along the aims of fourth and fifth official plan for Iranian development, and synchronous with the growth of technical technology in the present world of media, Takta with a modern approach took actions for design of the platform for production of Digital Transmitters in three levels of low, middle and high power, and now it is a reputable and knowledge based companiy in the field of Radio and Television and Broadcasting, Telecommunication and data network in the country.

 Mollasadra Ave.,Chamran Highway,Tehran,IRAN  P.o.Box: 1155-5785 Tell: +98 21 88055595  Fax : +98 21 88039763